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Instructional Videos

Follow these easy videos to continue enjoying great tasting water.

How to replace the filters

You have received a box with your new Wonder Water Filters. In this video we will demonstrate how to remove the old filters and replace them with the new filters.

How to operate the controls

Your Wonder Water Unit comes with a stylish touch display to give you access to instant hot, cold and ambient water with the touch of a button.

Set the time and date

In this video we show you how to set the time and date on your Wonder Water Unit as well as how to enable and disable different modes.

Filling up your refilling container

Your Wonder Water Unit shows the container inside is empty and you need to refill it. Watch this video to see how easy it is to remove, refill and replace your Wonder Water refilling container.

Setting up your Wonder Water Unit

In this video we show you how to unbox and install your new Wonder Water Unit to enjoy great tasitng water.

How to use all the water in the tank

Your Wonder Water Unit says it's empty, but there is still water in the tank. Quick and easy fix. This video shows you how to extend the internal hose to use up all the water in the tank.

What to do when a filter is leaking

This video will show you how to easily remove and reassemble a filter if you find that it is leaking inside your Wonder Water Unit.

Get a RISK FREE 30 day trial